5 Ways to Enjoy Valentines Day… Single + Happy

Happy Valentines Day! I know, I know, as a single girl Valentine’s Day can be dreadful — a brutally honest day to remind you how single you are. This year, join me in something different. Instead of falling prey to the ‘single blues’, let’s actually enjoy our Valentine’s Day. Here are 5 Ways to Enjoy Valentines Day Happy and Single!

Celebrate Yourself

This is one day out of the 365 that I feel it is perfectly ok to splurge on yourself! That’s right ladies (and men), go out and treat yourself to something special.  Go to the spa, get a deep cleansing facial or a long needed body massage. Or head out to the mall or favorite clothing store, pick out a Valentine’s Day outfit that makes you feel cute and sexy (outfit ideas here). Better yet, treat yourself to a fancy dinner or dessert, something that you normally wouldn’t do on your own. One year, I did something I thought would leave me utterly depressed…I went to the movies…by myself. But to my surprise, I felt exhilarated knowing that I did something to treat myself on a day that I was vulnerable and feeling alone…and I had fun!

Meet Up with Your ‘Single Ladies’

Not like you need an excuse to hang out with your friends, but Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to hang out with your fellow single ladies, and enjoy a girls day out. Meet up for brunch. Take a trip to the beach. A day at the spa, getting our nails done. Have a sleepover…hit the club?! There’s nothing like spending time with your best friends, catching up on life, heart-to-hearts, and so much more! Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to spend time with the girls you love

Be Adventurous

Be adventurous! Again, do something that you normally wouldn’t do on your own. Drive to a new part of town, a different state, or be bold and travel outside of the country. There’s nothing (and noone) stopping you from doing something new!  Maybe take a cooking class, or an art class that will keep you busy and not focused on being single.


Okay. So this is something that I will probably never do, but for those of you who are daring, ask a guy on a date. I know, that’s scary. I was scared just writing it, but it could be a great way to join in the festivities…as my mother would say, grab the bull by the horn. Ask a good guy friend (who is single, of course), or someone you’re romantically interested in to dinner or a fun activity, that will again keep you busy throughout the day.

Give Love

Last, but certainly not least, give love. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, or donate clothes to the homeless. Be a blessing to someone who is less fortunate than you. In a season that is so focused on love, and being loved, the greatest act of love is to give.

I can’t wait to hear how you celebrate Valentine’s Day Single and Happy! Make sure to tag me in all the fun on Instagram #PinkCaboodle! 

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Maya is owner of Pink Caboodle, specializing in Fashion and Body Positivity.

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