A-brah Ka-dabrah #Fat be gone…

Wouldn’t it be a-mazing if we could change ourselves like this? Trim our waist with the wave of our hand, or change our eye color with just one blink? If only we could make our bodies perfect so easily. What would you do to make yourself beautiful? Change your nose… thin your lips? Would you give yourself bigger boobs and a tiny waist? How about smaller feet? Would you change yourself from a size 92 to a size 2? What would you change?

Perhaps the only thing that requires change is our mindset. Why change what is already perfect? We are fearfully and wonderfully made…a living masterpiece. It is easy to succumb to peer pressure — the ‘ideal’ image of beauty. Social media, magazines, television, movies, etc., often paint a very disbarring picture of the ‘American beauty’, and beauty in general.

What_is_beauty___by_tashythemushroomI’m here to tell you that while ‘beauty’ is blue eyes and small waists, it is also thick thighs and ‘blue black’ skin. It comes in many rolls and wide hips. It comes in hanging bellies and striped skin. It comes in crazy hair and tight locs, it even comes in having no hair at all or in tiny little small spots. It comes in short, tall, small, medium and large….and extra large. It comes in big butts, small butts and all butts in between. Most importantly, beauty comes from within, what you feel in your mind and what lies in your heart.

So please ladies…and gentlemen (they go through this too)…stay true to who you are. Love yourself in whatever shape, way or form you are in. Live to your fullest potential. If that means slimming down and becoming more fit, do so because you want to for your health, and not because society says you need to in order to be pretty or as they say, ‘summer ready’. You are ready NOW. Why wait for summer when you can feel sexy and beautiful now?

Until next time,



Maya is owner of Pink Caboodle, specializing in Fashion and Body Positivity.

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