#AboutTime —» Life’s Do-Over

lifeDo you have a movie that you love, and can watch over and over and over again? One of my favorite movies is About Time, and I just watched it again for about the 30th time (no lie).

What I love most about the movie is it’s simple reminder to just live life, and enjoy it…something that many of us seem to forget.

I’m not delusional about how the world works. There is a lot of sadness, hurt, and evilness that unfortunately, many people experience in life. But I am also optimistic in knowing that there is much good in the world, and that the power of a compassionate heart is simply amazing.

I see it each time I see someone randomly pay the toll for the person behind them, or each time I hear a child’s contagious laughter. There is joy and kindness that never ceases.

While it may be hard to see and believe it, I urge you to try and find that joy and kindness in your own life. Whether it’s in hearing your child’s giggles, or you being the catalyst of such joy in someone else’s life.

Each day, make a conscious effort to see the good instead of the bad. You know how you say, “I wish I had the chance to just do it over again.” Let each day be your ‘do-over’.

TODAY is your do-over!

Until Next Time,



Maya is owner of Pink Caboodle, specializing in Fashion and Body Positivity.

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