Bobbi Kristina

As a child, I remember listening to this song over, and over, and over again. While mesmerized by the voice of Whitney Houston, how powerful and beautiful it was, I was more mesmerized by the love heard for her child. At the very end of the song, you hear a young Bobbi Kristina calling to her mother. Listening to this song as a child, it reminded me of the relationship I had with my mother — I knew the love I heard in Whitney’s voice, was the same love that my mom had for me.

Today — July 26, 2015 — it was sadly announced that Bobbi Kristina died at the age of 22. I am deeply saddened at the loss of this young life. Only two years older than Bobbi Kristina, I am saddened that a life that held so much promise, felt so much heartache. I pray that she has finally found peace, and is reunited in the arms of her mother.

Rest in Peace Bobbi Kristina, and condolences to the Brown/Houston Family….

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