Childlike Love

What a crazy week! Just off the heels of last week’s ‘tornado’, we experienced yet another tornado…this time in the form of two precious little kids. A family member came to visit for a few days, bringing with her two girls below the age of 5. Let me preface this by saying I am not a mother, nor do I spend a lot of time around kids, so it is always an adventure when they come to visit. There are a ton of things I could write about their visit: how my world instantly revolved around them (Spongebob TV all day), or how kids say the ‘darndest things’, but what stood out the most about their visit was their ‘childlike love’. They have the ability to love innocently and without fail.

We live in such a ‘closed-off’ society. Think about it. If you were to come across someone you just met — a total stranger — and they were overly friendly (i.e giving you hugs, inviting you to lunch, etc.), what would be your first reaction? Would you feel uncomfortable? Perhaps ‘weirded’ out? Personally, I would feel uneasy, way outside my comfort zone. I experienced this just yesterday while at physical therapy. While ‘working out’, a young woman with cerebral palsy was also meeting with her therapist. Usually each patient has their own room to stretch and exercise in, but for this young lady, there were no boundaries. She came in and out of my room, laying her head on my shoulder, calling me her sister (telling me she loved me), etc., she was just a big ball of energy. Let me be honest — I felt very uncomfortable, and I somewhat closed myself off. I am not used to having those types of interactions with someone I just met. However, I recognize that in her ‘disability’, she lacks a sense of social boundaries. I say this as a compliment. She does not see age, weight, race or gender…there is absolutely no judgment. She simply sees humanity, and with that there is love.  In her I saw an innocence, much like what I see in the faces of my two little cousins. A pure, ‘childlike love’.

I wish we all could have a childlike love for others. People are not born racists. People are not born to hate others because of their social status, race, or gender. How we view the world, and how regard others, is a direct result of what we are taught, and the experiences we have in life.

These past couple of days with my little cousins, and my experience at physical therapy, served as a simple reminder that it is okay to love. It is okay to have a ‘childlike love’ for those you may not know. Now, I am not recommending you tell random people that you love them, but it is okay to show kindness and compassion to others regardless of your differences. I dare you to open your eyes. Strip yourself of all prejudices and inhibitions, and ‘love’ with the heart of a child.

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Maya is owner of Pink Caboodle, specializing in Fashion and Body Positivity.

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