My Lipgloss Be Pop’n…ColourPop’n

It’s no secret…I have a sweet-spot for makeup. I’m always on the search for the latest eyeshadows and lip colors…I know, it’s a problem. I’ve been wanting to try products from a brand called, “ColourPop” for quite some time, especially their lip products as I’ve heard so much about them. I rarely buy products online, but I figured why not — it’s relatively cheap, each lip color only costing $6, and signing up as new customer gives $5 OFF. You can’t beat that price! I bought three lip products: two ultra matte lip colors (Succulent & More Better), and one ultra satin  (Panda) lip color.

*I did plenty of research before purchasing from ColourPop…I had to pick the perfect color ☺️ In my research, I read that it can take weeks for an order to be shipped out, so when I received the product only six days later, it was a total surprise…right on time for my birthday! It came in a standard mailing package with the glittery ‘ColourPop‘ emblem right on the front. Once opening the package, you receive a mini-catalog of the latest ColourPop products and a ‘handwritten’ thank you note…which I loved! I love when brands aren’t just a brand, but more of a relationship.


More BetterThe first one I tried was ‘More Better’, a nice pink color. I try and steer clear of red colors, but this one was pink with just a touch of red that I absolutely loved it! One thing I will say is that this lipgloss was super pigmented. You don’t need to apply a whole bunch of it, which is awesome since you can conserve product yet still have great coverage. And it lasts literally all day. Although it did transfer a bit when eating or drinking, the color still lasted, giving me full coverage throughout the day. While full coverage is awesome, it did have one drawback: it lasted too long. It stained my lips, even after my nightly face wash routine. To me, this really isn’t a big deal. But, it is something to think about for the next day or when wanting to remove your makeup completely. All-in-all, I LOVE this product and wear it almost all the time. Check it out in my latest photoshoot: ColourPop Tummy Tucked Taking Chances

Succulent: Out of the three, this one is probably my favorite. It’s called, “Succulent.” Sexy right…even for a church girl ?  Again I try to steer far clear of red lip colors, but I had to have this orange-red matte lipstick. I love how vibrant and pigmented this color is…it definitely stands out. Like neon. I knew I had to buy it. However, in my research, there were several reviews saying that it didn’t apply well — it became clumpy, causing streaks when dried. But I bought it anyway. I hate to say it, but the reviews were right. While the color is great, the application isn’t so great. At first, it just wasn’t working for me. I noticed it was more sheer than ‘More Better’, so I felt like I needed to apply more of it. But there lied the problem. With the amount applied, it became too blotchy. However, I couldn’t give it up: I absolutely love the color. So I played around with it a little more, and finally figured out the best way to apply it! You don’t want to think of it as a lipstick, applying layers to your lips. Instead, you want to apply way less than you normally would. Remember, less is more! Make sure that your lips are properly moisturized, and when applying ‘Succulent’ to your lips, take time to wipe off excess product on the inner edge of the container. Then slowly apply it onto your lips in small smooth streaks….and don’t rub your lips together! It might seem like you’re not putting enough on, but I promise you, doing it this way results in a much better-looking application. ColourPop

Panda: love purple lip colors against my skin tone, so I couldn’t wait to try this ‘Panda’ Ultra Satin Lip. Like ‘More Better’, this lip color was very pigmented, a lot goes a long way. It also has a very smooth application…but I guess that’s why it’s called satin haha ?  I love that I can wear this color with just about anything, its color is vibrant enough to stand out, yet dull enough to still look ‘normal’…does that make sense? I literally have no complaint about this product, it’s perfect through and through. ColourPop

Like ‘More Better’, ‘Succulent’ and ‘Panda’ did stain my lips, even after washing the next morning. But that doesn’t really bother me too much. All-in-all, I rate all of these products an A+…okay, maybe I would give ‘Succulent’ a B+, but once I figured out the best method of application, it was all good. ColourPop

Which is your favorite color? I seriously can’t pick, maybe you can help me out ☺️ Check out IG (@pink_caboodle) for more pics!



Maya is owner of Pink Caboodle, specializing in Fashion and Body Positivity.

    1. Thank you!!! I tend to stay with darker colors, but wanted to mix it up a bit. They have a blue and green color, not too sure if I’m brave enough to try lol

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