Every morning, as I drive the same stretch of road to work, I drive along this one street that has been under construction for nearly two months. And every morning, as I drive slowly along this road, I see the same men, hard at work laying new pipes to carry water throughout town.

Then one morning, I decided to do something different.

Instead of mindlessly driving the same route to work, and mindlessly driving past the same men who synchronously held and rotated the “Slow” and “Stop” signs used to regulate traffic, I did something that broke the barrier of this daily routine…I lifted my hand and waved ‘hello’.

I know, really simple…however, I couldn’t imagine why they looked at me crossed-eyed.

So the next day, I waved again.

The next day, I waved yet again.

The next day, I finally received a wave back.

This quickly became our new routine. As I drove by, I would wave and smile, and they would wave and smile back. Before long, they would wave at me before I had the chance to wave at them.

We built a connection. I know that sounds weird…but really, it isn’t…it’s human.

As humans, we have the overwhelming desire to be connected…it’s the reason we make friends, fall in love, have children, etc. The lack of ‘connection’ can leave us feeling depressed, sad, lonely. In fact, aversion to ‘connection’ is often considered to be a sign of psychopathy.

Connection is an innate feeling that we all — for the most part — have. However, sometimes between the busyness of life, going to and from work, staring at our cellphones…Facebook… the connection can get a little lost. I am extremely guilty of that…like most ‘kids’ of my generation.

This brief and random experience taught me a lesson. It is okay to break social barriers, allowing yourself to ‘connect’ with someone…even in the littlest way. For me it was a simple wave, for you it might be buying someone a cup of coffee, volunteering your time at a children’s hospital or soup kitchen. Or just smiling, letting someone know that you see them — something other than the mindless operations of life.

Most importantly, you never know what people are going through in their lives. Maybe a wave, or a random act of kindness, is exactly what they need to help get them through their work day, or whatever situation they might be in.

Until Next Time,


 [Tweet ““A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” ― John Lennon”]


Maya is owner of Pink Caboodle, specializing in Fashion and Body Positivity.

  1. I love this so much! I also think about these things often when I’m doing what seem to be, mundane things or the “everyday” tasks that seem normal.

  2. This post really put a smile on my face! You’re right, it’s such a simple gesture, but it really does make a difference! I love when random strangers smile or wave at me, it gives me a little more pep. I’m going to start doing this more often.

  3. Good for you!! I always wave at construction workers and other people on the street. It’s a “Tina Thing”. I say “Thank you” and “You’re welcome” and I hold the door open too. A smile goes a long long way in this crazy world!

  4. I bet that small gesture, makes the day a little bit brighter for those men. It’s sad that our world has become so jaded that people don’t take the time for small pleasantries. Kudos to you for keeping it up.

  5. That’s very well said, I love it. We do yearn for connection hence the quote —“No man is an island.” Thanks for the reminder that a little gesture goes a long way.

  6. I love to wave and say Hi to people I dont know like if we were friends.. Eventually we always ends up like friends so I already know everybody in the block haha

  7. That’s awesome. Life is about connections, big and small. You never know who’s going through what. Or the effect a smile or a wave may have on someone.

  8. YES!!!! Oh my gosh, YES! I probably look like a creep to some people because I smile at everyone, I wave to people that pass by, I make small talk in the checkout line, etc etc! But really, so many people just don’t make little connections anymore and it’s kind of sad really! It takes the smallest act to make someone’s day!

  9. So true, you really never know what’s going on inside another human being. A wave or smile could make all the difference. Love your positivity!

  10. Indeed it is something that seems lost, my suggestion is to say hello to everyone you meet daily at the same place, im sure there will be some connections found there.

  11. It’s so true, we need to feel a connection to others. I love that something as simple as a wave can build that connection.

  12. I love to connect with people especially my neighbors, you never know how they could end up being there for you!

  13. That was a sweet gesture. Waving to others, even strangers is not something that is usually done by folks in my country. Pretty sad, huh? It’s something that I wish we did more of. A smile or a simple nod or wave usually goes a long way.

  14. You have no idea how a simple gesture can change someone’s day. I’ve never really thought about making connections in that way but it’s true, we do. They might not be forever connections but to that person that might mean everything! I love your perspective on this everyday, routine situation.

  15. When I drive, I jam out and blast music. When I am stopped at red lights, I typically generate some attention, and this leads me to laugh and smile and encourage them to dance too! It’s the friggin’ best! And you’re right – you have NO IDEA what people are going through… So try and make their day better with a wave, smile or a JAM SESSION!

  16. Love the message behind this post! It’s SO true that such a simple act can break the barrier and then you’ve formed a new connection that cannot be as easily broken!

  17. As we come to our daily lives we need to get connected to people around us. it is a way how we go as a person and who knows you might have unconsciously building a good relationship with someone.

  18. That is so true! Sometimes when I’m walking in Target, I’ll just randomly say hi to someone as I pass buy and they look startled at first, but then smile and say hi back.

  19. I always try to smile at people. You never know when a smile can change someones whole day.

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