5 Signs You’re A Girl Who is ‘Feeling Herself’…

What I’m talking about is confidence! How we are feeling about ourselves. How we portray ourselves and let the ‘light’ that we shine, shine for others. Sometimes it can be difficult to remember our strength, our value, and the love that we have for ourselves. Sometimes we need a reminder of who we are. A reminder that even in moments where we’re not feeling good, we’re still girls, beautiful women, who can recognize our ‘flawlessness’.

Here are 5 Signs You’re A Girl Who ‘Feels Herself’:

You recognize your beauty…

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This is the first sign of being a girl who is totally feeling herself….and it’s one of the hardest to accomplish. There’s so much telling us what is and what isn’t pretty — magazines, TV screens, playboy — the list goes on and on, that sometimes as women we find ourselves seeing our beauty through smudged lenses. Which is why it’s so special and so rewarding, when we’re able to step outside of the stereotypes and standards, and see ourselves for who we are — Beautiful. Beautiful in the skin that we are in, beautiful in the shape that we are in, beautiful in every flaw or oddity that we have. Beauty not only on the outside, but also on the inside. Recognizing your strength and your value, and most importantly your worth.

When you feel good, you show it…

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This one is easy: how you feel on the inside has no choice but to reflect on the outside. So when you feel good about yourself, it shows. Like a star, you’re a shining, and nothing can dull your sparkle.

You don’t care who’s watching…

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You know who you are, what you stand for, and what you believe in. You know you’re, “all that and a bag of chips.” Because you know who you are, it doesn’t matter what anyone has to say about you. You don’t have to hide, or be someone that you’re not. If you want to eat that cheeseburger, you eat it. If you want to cut all your hair off and dye it pink, cut it off and dye it pink. You do not limit yourself by the standards of those around you. You hold true to your values and your standards, and be the woman that you want to be.

You bounce back…

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Let’s be realistic. We all have days when we’re just not feeling it. Maybe you woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Maybe someone said something hurtful and bruised your confidence. Maybe it was your own words that have you feeling low. We all have those moments. It’s being able to bounce back from them that make all the difference. You recognize that while words might hurt, no one can make you feel inferior or less than perfect without you giving them the consent to do so.

You’re too ‘bad’ to care…so you move on.

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You can forgive those who mistreated you. There’s always going to be that one ‘hater’ out there, who will try and crush your accomplishments, or make you feel less than. They may try to hurt you, or make you second guess yourself. But you bounce back…and move on. You don’t hold grudges, and you even forgive them — which is no easy feat! It takes a big person to forgive those who ‘try’ our patience. But no worries, you know who you areand you know you are above the drama. So what do you do? You stand up, brush your shoulders off, and move on.

Go out and live life like the queen you are! You are destined for so much greatness, and being able to appreciate and love yourself is just the beginning of it all. Never be ashamed to recognize your worth and your beauty. Do a little dance, sing a little song, dust your shoulders off, and keep feeling yourself!

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Maya is owner of Pink Caboodle, specializing in Fashion and Body Positivity.

  1. I feel like you wrote this just for me. lol. I was just looking at pictures of my boyfriend and I this morning and thinking about how lucky he is to have me. What some may call conceited, I call confident. At the end of the day, if I don’t love me who will??

  2. I am loving this! Especially the last part. It’s empowering when you know your worth and you know what you can do, isn’t it? It’s like you don’t care what comes your way because you know you can handle it.

  3. Thanks for this post, I feel more confident now. I will share this with my friends who are doubting of their ability.

  4. I think this is such a wonderful post. I think everyone should feel confident about themselves. I love that you did a post that can help others feel confident too.

  5. I like this! It made me smile! Great post! I will be sharing it with a close friend of mine!

  6. That’s amazing confidence. I can’t say I share it, but my daughter is pretty self-confident and feels great in her skin.

  7. Love this. Keep the positive vibes flowing. At the Dollhouse we love to try and empower women to be the best version of themselves, ALWAYS!

  8. bwwwwaaaahaha!!! what a thoroughly entertaining post!
    I love all the GIFS! you rock.
    The Empire one killed me.
    What a great and insightful post.

  9. Love your list. I particularly agree with move as uf no one is watching. We ladies sometimes become to conscious with the eyes and surroundings. But the best way to enjoy life and stay pretty is just move as if no one is there.

  10. Love your list. I particularly agree with move as uf no one is watching. We ladies sometimes become to conscious with the eyes and surroundings. But the best way to enjoy life and stay pretty is just move as if no one is there.

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