Hair Salon Thoughts

SalonFinally getting my hair done at the salon. Here are a few of my random thoughts while being ‘pampered ‘:

  • How long will it take before I’m seen? 40 minutes and counting!
  • Wait, why did she get seen before me? I was here 20 mins before her!
  • Man this water is hot
  • Oh hey hot guy that randomly walked into the salon
  • Oh he’s getting his nails painted pink
  • Can she brush my hair any harder
  • Mmmm the shampoo smells good
  • Did the comb just break?
  • Goodness it feels so good to get your hair washed
  • Yes my neck is attached to my body #wiplash
  • How should I get my hair styled today?
  • Maybe I’ll do something adventurous…cut if all off….NOPE!
  • The sound of this blow dryer is annoying
  • My hair stylist is talking to me but I can’t hear her because she’s blowing the hair dryer right in my ear
  • Why is it so cold in here?
  • I’m hungry
  • Ouch! My ear!
  • That’s going to leave a scar
  • Oh no my cell battery is about to die
  • My leg is falling asleep in this chair
  • Oh her hair is pretty.
  • Bye random hot guy with the pink fingernails
  • Finally my hair is almost finished
  • Dang this mirror shows all of my pimples
  • Oh my hair! I like!
  • I look good
  • I go to the best hair salon in the world!

Walks out of salon like a movie star. *flips hair*


In all seriousness though, I go to a great hair salon! They provide excellent service that you won’t find anywhere else…Thank goodness they were able to fit me in their schedule last minute!!



Maya is owner of Pink Caboodle, specializing in Fashion and Body Positivity.

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