Hospital thoughts

Hey guys! So it’s the morning after my surgery, and after a long night of pain and nausea, I’m starting to feel much better (even with a broken leg).

Here are twenty-five random thoughts I’ve had during my ‘vacation’ at the hospital.


  1. I really don’t want to be here
  2. This surgery is going to suck
  3. Wait…I have to get blood drawn?!
  4. I hate needles
  5. Veins please behave
  6. All the doctors and nurses are HOT!
  7. I’m single
  8. Do I look okay?
  9. 30 minutes and still no blood drawn
  10. My arms hurt
  11. Oh goodness they’re taking me to the OR
  12. Don’t go in to the light!
  13. Dear God please let everything go okay
  14. Knocks out
  15. Wakes up
  16. I feel sick
  17. I can’t keep my eyes open
  18. Why is the room spinning?!
  19. I want my parents
  20. My leg is killing me!
  21. I just want sleep but the nurses keep bothering me
  22. I wait, they want me to stand up? Not gonna happen
  23. Oh hey hot doctor 😘
  24. Ugh more needles
  25. Is my hair okay?



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