“Sometimes the wrong choice bring us to the right places.”

Life is built on a series of choices. Left or right? Hamburgers or hot dogs? Ice cream or cake? Some choices are harder to make than others. Do I go to college now or later? Do I want to get married…do I want to get married to him? Do I want this or that? Life is a perpetual fork in the road. A series of rights and wrongs. While the ‘right’ choices leave us feeling happy and satisfied, the ‘wrong’ choices often leave us feeling quite the opposite. Melancholy. Disappointed. Unsatisfied. Defeated. We are left questioning who we are, why we are, and where would we be if “______________”…you fill in the blank.

I had one of these moments not too long ago. Where would I be if I decided to pursue a different career? Would pursuing my dreams be easier? Would I own my mansion by now? Mind you, I’m only 24 and still have the rest of my life to work up to this…but where would I be now if I did life differently? Then I realized, every choice that I’ve made in life (some good, some bad), have lead me down a path that will ultimately introduce me to my destiny. I remembered that God will never leave me nor forsake me—He created my life with a purpose. Every ‘wrong’ choice that I’ve made, or things I would do differently, will eventually lead me to the ‘right’ place.

Now instead of feeling sad or disappointed, I am motivated to work even harder. I know everything that I’ve done serves a purpose, whether I understand it now or later. I no longer look at my ‘wrong’ choice as a bad decision or a missed opportunity, but an opportunity to learn and to grow. They say the biggest lessons we learn in life are done through adversity….so are our greatest successes.

With that being said, sit back and enjoy life. Live to your fullest potential. Stop worrying about what you did or didn’t do, and focus on what’s next. Life is too beautiful to be stressed by the “what if”…enjoy the now and look forward to the future.



Maya is owner of Pink Caboodle, specializing in Fashion and Body Positivity.


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