New Year Resolutions 2016 New Years Resolutions

Happy New Years! Can you believe its 2016 already!? It’s amazing how fast 2015 went by, seems like it was just yesterday that we reigned in 2015 with anticipation of things to come. I hope that 2015 was everything you hoped it would be 🙂

Each year I sit down and write my list of New Years Resolutions. What do I hope to accomplish this year? What dreams or adventures do I want to go on? What things about myself/my life would I like to change and improve on?

Each year I write a list, and each year it’s left incomplete. Life happens, plans changes, dreams evolve, sometimes its impossible to stick to your New Years Resolutions and complete them.

So this year, I’ve decided to try something a little different.

Instead of making a list of New Years Resolutions, I am simply making a promise. A promise to always be true to myself, believe in myself, and to always forgive myself. A promise to always remember my values, what I stand for, and what I fight for. A promise to be my own champion, and biggest supporter…aside from my parents 😉 . Most importantly, a promise to love myself and others.

If I hold true to this promise, all of my desires and the things that are truly important are bound to happen. There will be no disappointment, because as long as I hold true to my promise, whatever 2016 amounts to will be perfect.

I look forward to seeing how this year will unfold. Last year at this time, I never would have imagined I’d be where I am in life right now. I just know that 2016 is going to amount to something great!

I encourage you to start your New Years off the same way. Instead of creating a list of New Years Resolutions, write yourself a promise.

What do you promise this year? Keep me posted — I would love to hear them 😉

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Maya is owner of Pink Caboodle, specializing in Fashion and Body Positivity.

  1. I promise to be more spontaneous, adventurous and do things that scare me! I looked back at 2015 and while it was a GOOD year, it was also uneventful. I want the next one to be bigger and better…to push myself more and do all the things I talk about doing but never do. Happy New Year!

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