Powder-Puff How To: Everday Eyeliner

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Lately, I received a lot of compliments on my eyeliner…which weirds me out a bit because: I suck at taking compliments and I didn’t think my eyeliner is anything special. I remember the first time I tried applying eyeliner, I was in high school and it looked absolutely horrible. So I understand how overwhelming and scary it can be when you’re starting out with makeup — especially when it’s extremely close to your eye.

But don’t fear, I am going to show you how to apply an everyday eyeliner in just 5 steps!


www.pinkcaboodle.com everyday eyeliner tutorial

Step One: Step One is the most important…relax. The more stress and fearful you are, the more likely you will make a mistake or poke your eye out. Mistakes will happen, they are inevitable, but the more hype you are, the more frequent and severe they will be. To help myself relax (because I still get nervous too), I start with a clean face, making sure my eye area is clean and moisturized, ensuring that the eyeliner applies smoothly.

Step Two: Rest your elbow. This is the key to making sure that you have a steady hand to apply your eyeliner. It’s important that you rest on a flat surface to guarantee that you are able to draw your eyeliner with the most control.

Step Three: Start from the middle and work your way inward, making sure to stroke away from the corner of your eye. I’m sure that sound confusing, but really, it’s quite simple. You want to use this method regardless of whether you’re using gel, liquid or pencil eyeliner. I’m sure you make be wondering why I work my way in, instead of drawing the liner towards the outer corner first. Besides the ‘wing’, how you draw along the inner arch of your lash line is the most important….if this isn’t ‘right’, nothing is, so I like to give more time and attention to making sure that it’s perfect.

Key Note: Use small, short strokes for a more controlled and even line.

Step Four: It’s important that the line drawn towards the outer corner of your eye matches that of the inner corner. You want everything to be symmetrical and natural looking. Also, I know it is tempting to add a ‘wing’ all at one time, but save this step for the end.

Step Five: This step is optional. If you would like for your eyeliner to have a wing, using a thin eyeliner applicator (liquid or gel), apply a thin line going up and away from the outer corner of your eye. If you find this difficult, don’t worry, there’s a hack for everything. Get a small piece of scotch tape and place it at a small angle, ‘up and away’, from the outer corner of your eye. This serves as a guide for you to follow along the line of the tape for a perfect straight wing. Lastly, make sure you fully connect the wing to the rest of the liner on your eye, so that it looks like one continues stroke from corner to corner.

Like I mentioned earlier, mistakes are inevitable. But don’t fret, simply grab a wet q-tip or tissue paper and wipe away your mistake. You can even apply soap or a facial cleanser to guarantee that it completely disappears.


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Maya is owner of Pink Caboodle, specializing in Fashion and Body Positivity.

  1. This was so helpful! I've really been trying to get more into make up lately after being able to beat a fairly decent face in under 10 mins during undergrad. These days everything related to make up takes me forever and my eye liner is always one of the biggest headaches! I'll definitely be trying this tips out this weekend.

  2. I've yet to master my eyeliner game! Love the final result in yours, and will definitely put your tips and tricks to use.

  3. Looks great! I have never tried liquid liner because I have never been brave enough. I will have to try it now.

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