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What is Powder-Puff? Find out:

“How you feel on the inside shows in how you look on the outside.”

I’ve heard this quote countless times…mostly from my mother.  She says, my appearance is a direct indicator of how I feel about myself—whether or not I took the time to dress up, put some makeup on, or if I feel worthy enough to even try. When I was younger, this used to get on my nerves…moms think they know everything, right? But guess what, I now know that she is right. You can’t feel like a movie-star and not take the time to care for yourself and “look like one.”

So yes, how you feel about yourself—your emotions, your confidence, your self-worth—is displayed in how you care or dress yourself, but it is also my theory that it can work the other way around. That dressing up, or styling your hair different or putting on some make up, has the ability to make you feel better about yourself. Have you ever put on a new pair of heels, or a brand new outfit, and felt like the bees-knees? Like the hottest chick in town? You felt confident. You weren’t being held back by your insecurities. You were free to simply be you.

This is what Powder-Puff is about. This isn’t just a “how to” on ways to do your hair or makeup, or how to dress in a fancy way. It’s about bringing out your inner confidence—that sexiness—by forcing it to shine through your insecurities.

So with that being said, I am going to offer a few reviews, tools, ideas, etc., that will help you to find your style and become the confident person that you are. We are in this together—I am learning how to love and take care of myself, just as I hope you will.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made…we are worth it.

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