Pretty in Pink with Charlotte Russe

Pretty in Pink

Although I love fashion, I’ve never been one for shopping. The idea of spending hours roaming around the mall literally makes me sick. So instead of heading out in the wee hours of the night on Black Friday, I went straight to my computer to browse some of my favorite online retailers. That’s when I came across this Pink Plus Size Lace Surplice Jumpsuit from Charlotte Russe.

Pretty in Pink

Can you say, love at first sight 😍 Simply put, I knew I had to have it. Just 10 days later, I received a knock-on my front door, and there was the package. I’ve been waiting all this time to share this outfit with you, and now (with the warmer weather), is the time to do so!

Pretty in Pink

I was presently surprised when first trying on the jumper, it is way prettier in person. Not only is it my favorite color, but the lace fabric is so beautiful and soft, which I love. There was just one thing that caught my concern…the fit. In terms of size, it fits perfectly. But in my opinion, especially comparing to the model, it didn’t fit me in all the best places. I’ve been blessed with what the women in my family call “pillow” legs…and arms for that matter. All the women in my family have big arms and thighs. This was something that I’ve felt insecure about for a while, however, slowly but surely I’m learning to view them, and the rest of my body, as beautiful!

Also, as my mom says, I am built just like my Nana — I have square hips with a short torso. There’s nothing wrong with that, but just with any body type, different clothes fit each body type differently. Again, I loved the color and the lace detail of this jumpsuit, however, I wasn’t too sure about how it hugged my midsection. Sensing my uncomfortableness, my dad asked, “didn’t you know this before wearing it out?” And the answer is yes, I knew that I felt uncomfortable, but I decided to wear it anyway. Remember, this is my year of not saying ‘no’. I decided that although I felt a bit insecure, I would face my fears and wear it anyway.

Pretty in Pink

Since it was warm, but not yet warm enough to go sleeveless, I decided to pair my outfit with a white collar shirt that I had hanging in my closet. It added just enough warmth for me to walk around without a coat on. I also paired this look with my favorite pink purse and of course, my pink pearls. We can’t forget those lol!

I felt like a star while walking around town. In the midst of a sea of people wearing browns, and grays, and blacks, and blues, there I was shining in pink from head to toe…I was making a statement and you couldn’t miss it. I felt like the ‘real life’ plus size version of Elle Woods 😂 minus the bend and snap!

And to top it off, I had the pleasure of meeting Irene and Rhonda of Curvy Girl Consignment! Located in Haddonfield, New Jersey, Curvy Girl Consignment offers “gently loved” fashion pieces sizes 12 and up. They have so many great finds there, including jewelry and other accessories, there’s something there for everyone. If you’re in the area, definitely stop by and take a look around. Let them know that Maya — from The Pink Caboodle — says hi!

Hanging out with Curvy Consignment | Pretty in Pink

Here’s the learning lesson in all of this — it’s okay to feel insecure at times, push past it. I don’t say that light-heartedly, because I know it isn’t easy. Don’t just say ‘no’ to an outfit, or any situation, without first giving it a try. Remember, the outfit doesn’t wear you, you wear the outfit. It is what you make it! Force yourself to move past your fears, and rock your glory in the size, shape, and color that it’s in. You might surprise yourself, just as I did. The insecurities that I had in the beginning, disappeared with each jiggle of my thighs as I walked down the road.

I felt beautiful, and most importantly, proud that I didn’t let self-doubt stop me from enjoying the day….I was simply free to be myself. You can do the same! I promise, with each step that you take against your fears, the closer you are to conquering them…

Pretty in Pink

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Outfit Details:

Charlotte Russe

Plus Size Lace Surplice Jumpsuit (Sold Out, restock soon) 


Maya is owner of Pink Caboodle, specializing in Fashion and Body Positivity.

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