Plus Size Shopping with Amazon Prime? Prime Day Plus Size Fashion

Happy Prime Day!!! Oh what a day, one that many Amazon users have been waiting for all year. Amazon is my go to place for all my techie needs (cameras, movies, music, etc.), I never thought about Amazon for Plus Size Shopping. What kind of clothes could they possibly have on there? Well…the joke is on me.

With deals better than Black Friday, I decided to peek into the Plus Size section of Amazon Prime, and I was pleasantly surprised. I never realized how many of my favorite brands are on Amazon Prime: Melissa McCarthy, Avenue, Rachel Roy, etc. There are also brands that I’ve never heard of before, Junarose, but have fallen completely in love with. So I had to share the love with you <3 Check out a few of my favorite Plus Size Brands available on Amazon Prime:

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1. Eliza J Prime Day Plus Size Fashion

Although still relatively new to the world of plus size shopping, Eliza J is a brand that I’ve never heard of before. However, after seeing this dress and the many others available on Amazon Prime, I quickly acquainted myself. I am a big fan of lace, I think it’s pretty and elegant, so the lace in combination with this rich royal blue color was a total win for me. Check out more on this dress here.

2. Taylor Dresses Prime Day Plus Size Fashion

The same with Taylor Dresses, never heard of them…is it just me? But let me tell you, I am in love! These dresses are trendy and perfect for summer weather. I love big, bold colors, so this dress is perfect for me. Check out more on this dress here.

3. Unique Vintage Prime Day Plus Size Fashion


Unique Vintage is a brand that I am absolutely obsessed with! I love how they bring back vintage styles in a new and unique way. This white floral dress is absolutely gorgeous…I hope to see this arriving in my box real soon 🙂 Are you in love with this dress as much as I am? Check it out here.

4. Rachel Roy Prime Day Plus Size Fashion

I’ve think we’ve all heard of Rachel Roy by this point, here clothing line is truly special with its simple, chic designs. I wouldn’t be The Pink Caboodle without having at least one Pink dress for you. Again, this dress is perfect for the hot days of Summer, and the Pink is simply radiant. This is the perfect dress to try going sleeveless in. I know that sounds scary, but give it a try! Be bold in this dress, find it here.

5. Junarose Prime Day Plus Size Fashion

I heard of Junarose for the first time when modeling for Dia&Co. I fell is love with the edgy, abstract designs on several of their items. I like mixing my styles up from time to time, and this dress is the perfect way to do so. Mix up your style here.

6. Melissa McCarthy Prime Day Plus Size Fashion

Melissa McCarthy Seven7 has quickly become one of my favorite brands since she launched a couple of years ago. Some of my favorite items from her line are her maxi dresses. I love how beautiful and ‘flowy’ they are. This dress in particular caught my eye. Again, I love bold, bright colors…which I know is not for everyone, but hey, to each their own. If you’re loving this dress as much as I am, check it out here.

7. Jessica Simpson Prime Day Plus Size Fashion

I’m always on the look out for a good pair of jeans, which can be hard to find sometimes. These pair of Jessica Simpson skinny jeans look super comfortable. There’s nothing like a good skinny jean, I have a pair in just about every color lol. To try out these skinny jeans, click here.

So, what do you think? Some pretty great finds huh? Who would have thought I’d find all these great Plus Size Fashion products on Amazon? Don’t miss out on this amazing Amazon Prime Special, 30% off or more on some of your favorite clothing items and more? That’s too good to pass by. Happy Shopping!

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Maya is owner of Pink Caboodle, specializing in Fashion and Body Positivity.

  1. I love all of it! I think the maxi dress caught my eye the most. All the colors were so pretty!

  2. I completely forgot about Amazon Prime Day. Thanks for the reminder. I need more floral dresses in my life.


  3. Nice choices. I heard about Taylor Dresses for the first time through Dia & Co. Honestly, I don’t know why shopping for clothes at Amazon never crossed my mind. Especially considering it houses so many of my favorite brands.

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