Why Rob Kardashian’s Diabetes Diagnosis Terrified Me

www.pinkcaboode.com Why rob kardashian's diabetes diagnosis terrified me

While making my ‘Morning Scroll’ through facebook, my eyes landed on a TMZ headline, “‪#‎BREAKING‬: Rob Kardashian Being Treated for Diabetes.” Although I admittedly watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians, I am aware that learning of Rob’s diagnosis should mean absolutely nothing to me, and my life. But I found myself shaken up as if it were me. Why? Because it could be me…

I have been ‘pre-diabetic’ for as long as I can remember. With having a family history of diabetes on both sides of my family, I am naturally at a higher risk of developing the metabolic disease. Add this to my exercise habits (or lack thereof), and not being overly conscious of what I eat, the risk is even higher.

I remember as a teenager thinking that I’m invincible. I’m young, I’ll be okay. That I am amazingly impenetrable to the disease that affects so many people, both young and old. So I carried on through life, being mindful of what I’m eating, but still eating the things that looked really good. And I’ve made efforts to work out…I even joined a gym and did really well there, but because of my leg problems stopped because it was too painful.  I’m now realizing, as I’m writing this, that I used my leg disabilities as an excuse to not continue with exercising. I could have pushed on through the pain, or find alternative methods to achieve the same results.

So this morning, reading of Rob Kardashian’s diagnoses, and how he nearly entered a diabetic coma all without knowing he was diabetic, terrified me. He is only three years older than I, and I’m sure like me, he thought he was invincible. If you exercised enough, and ate ‘right’ enough, it would enough to escape diabetes. But in this case, it wasn’t.

This is my wake-up call. As far as I know, I am not diabetic, but the risk is always there as long as I keep the same habits. I need to make a change now to protect myself from having to experience what Rob and his family experienced this past weekend.

With that being said, I’m starting my 2016 New Years Resolutions a little early, but it’s never too soon to start treating your body and your health well. Even though I hate the taste of water, I love my body enough to drink it! No more sodas, cutting way down on the juices, and drinking way more water! Exercising! Starting now!

I’m learning that simply drinking water can be instrumental in your health and weight loss, and hence helping to prevent diabetes in a roundabout way. It’s just my luck that I hate the taste of it. I must get this from my Grandmother as we both can go days, weeks, months without drinking water. But, she’s diabetic, so I should know not to follow in her footsteps.

I know Rob Kardashian will never see this. But in the amazing event that he does, I want him to know that he has my support. He is not alone in this journey. I too am making the decision to start 2016 healthy. I am going to make changes, big and small, that I necessarily do not want to take, but have to take in order to protect and heal my body. So Rob, do not be discouraged, hang in there, we’re in this together.

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Ps. A friend recently told me about her success with Weight Watchers, maybe I’ll look into them? Have you tried it, let me know your thoughts in the comments below <3

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