A New Day with Plus Size Stripes

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www.pinkcaboodle.com | A New Day with Plus Size Stripes

This past weekend, my family and I took a trip down to North Carolina to celebrate my grandmother’s life and legacy. Growing up, I have fond memories of traveling down to the North Carolina Shore, looking forward to visiting my grandmother and spending time on the beach.  As you can imagine, this trip was a little different. But it was important to me that we still felt a sense of normalcy in what was bound to be a sad time.

So I had a mini photoshoot lol!

www.pinkcaboodle.com | A New Day with Plus Size Stripes

This may sound crazy, but I felt my grandmother all around me while taking these pictures. Here I was at her home, a place she grew up and loved. Also, I did’t plan it this way, but this is definitely an outfit my grandma would have worn. She was a big fan of stripes…I’m pretty sure she had a shirt very similar to this.

Although simple, it were things like this that helps to make the experience of losing a loved one, a little more bearable.

www.pinkcaboodle.com | A New Day with Plus Size Stripes

This this A New Day  Ruffle Pocket Top from Target Style was also super comfortable — perfect for the southern heat that I suddenly found myself in. And it offered just enough coverage that I could walk around without a coat at night…which was awesome!

Now, I know some of you are a little worried about stripes. There’s that rumor that ‘plus size girls’ shouldn’t wear stripes. Well, whoever said that was wrong. Don’t be afraid to wear stripes, don’t worry if they curve and bend around your curves and bends. All that matters is that you own it. With stripes or anything that you wear, it is important that you own your look, feeling beautiful and confident in what you’re wearing. If you have that, nothing else matters.

www.pinkcaboodle.com | A New Day with Plus Size Stripes

While this was a super short visit, I look forward to going back to visit what I consider to be my second home. Again, it will be different, I know my grandma would not want being in North Carolina to be a source of sadness for us. She would want it to be a space where we can go for peace, comfort, and remembrance of all the fun times we’ve had there. She would also want for it to be a place to make new memories, for ourselves, and the generations to come.

Thanks again for all of your love and support. You guys have been so amazing! Until Next Time, <3

www.pinkcaboodle.com | A New Day with Plus Size Stripes

Outfit Details:

Top | Target – A New Day




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