Through Christ who is in me…who is with me.

53d3c5f7be182e6c61ab5888ec28766fIt is so easy to feel lost and alone. Especially in the era of social media and electronics, where people would rather interact with each other through Facebook or Twitter, than face-to-face. Now, I am not the pot calling the kettle black—I’m on social media as much as the next person. However, its sad when you have nearly 1000 friends on Facebook, and yet, you do not feel comfortable enough to speak with any of those friends when you simply need someone to talk to during a rough and busy day. Who would care? Who would take the time to listen? You feel alone. Your comrades, homies, girls, best buds etc., are all busy living their own lives. I can’t be the only one who’s ever felt this way at least once. But this is where the good news comes in. No matter how alone you feel, you are never truly by yourself. Matthew 28:20 says this: “I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Jesus/God is always with us…in our happiness, our sadness, our joy, our doubt, our confidence, and anything thing else that we experience and go through in life. Some might say that He really isn’t there…that you can’t see or hear God. I argue that you can. Maybe not in our standard human ways of seeing or hearing, but if you open yourself up to His love, you can sense Him in your soul. Christ lives in all of us, and He is always there for us to find comfort in Him. So when you feel down and in a rut, be encouraged. Remember that you can do all things through Christ who continues to support you and give you strength. Love yourself as Christ, who is in you, loves you. Feel His protection and His guidance. Trust and believe that He will never leave or forsake you. You are not alone, and can never be lost in Him.


Maya is owner of Pink Caboodle, specializing in Fashion and Body Positivity.


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