What Should I Wear in Las Vegas? You Decide.

In a couple of months, I will be heading to Viva Las Vegas for a friend’s birthday celebration! I’m beyond excited, and can not wait to have a fun time celebrating my friend. However, I have no clue what I’m going to wear!? Literally, no clue. Coming out of this last surgery, I really want to ‘re-invent’ my style. New legs, new me!

What should I wear in las vegas?! I have some idea, but I’m leaving the final decision to you!

As mentioned earlier, coming out of my latest leg surgery, I am totally reinventing myself — my look, my style, my attitude. Normally I would never wear these type of clothes (anything tight, and revealing), but I am ready to try something new. Of the dresses below, let me know which one is your favorite!

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All White Party: On the date of her birthday, my friend wants to have an ‘All White Party’. Only problem is…I have absolutely no white. Okay, I may have a shirt or two, but generally I tend to stay far away from white clothing. I’ve inherited my grandmother’s ‘drop syndrome’. I’m bound to drop food all over my nice white outfit. I guess I just won’t eat anything the night of the ‘White Party’ ;). Help me out — what ‘white’ dress should I wear for my friend’s party?

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All of these dresses can be found on the Chic & Curvy website, which is an excellent resource for us thick and curvy girls to find fashionable outfits to showcase our beautiful curves. Often times plus-size clothes are made to hide our curves, being to baggy and not flattering to our shape. Chic & Curvy provides clothes that are exactly as it’s name suggest — chic and curvy.

Thanks for the help, can’t wait to look “flawless.fearless.free” (shout-out to @kcameraready)…

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Maya is owner of Pink Caboodle, specializing in Fashion and Body Positivity.

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